Global Digital Summit 2017

Global Digital Summit 2017

Shape & Sharpen your Business

ESMT Berlin, 4-6 Octubre

Program aimed at CIOs and Managers immerse in the digital transformation which brings together the strategic IT and business visions from the hand of the best Business Schools (BS)

  • Highlights

  • - Experience & Action Learning
    High-Level Networking
    3 days Program
    – Include a BS Diploma
    – Include Companion Program


International Perspective on the Digital Leadership Challenges
International Networking in a High-Level Developed Development Environment
Contrast models to manage digital disruption and its impact on the company
Keys to improving your leadership and management skills with teachers of the best BS
Success Stories and Actual Top Level Experiences in Digital Transformation
A Language to Improve Digital Interlocution with the Computer
Emerging Digital Trends, their application and impact in different sectors



Academic program

Demystifying digital
  • Digital Maturity Assessment Introductory Session
  • What every business leader should know and do about digital
  • How digital changes strategy
Driving Digital Transformation
  • COMPANY VISIT – ”Leveraging the power of IoT” BMW Motorcycle Production
  • Managing the portfolio of digital investments
  • Leading Digital Transformation – How digitalization can disrupt entire industries
  • COMPANY VISIT – ”From being a victim to being a champion” Axel Springer
Blockchain – the next big thing?
  • Understanding blockchain and its promise
  • Application Workshop: value creation and business models of blockchain start-ups



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