penteo solidario

Penteo believes that companies have their social responsibility to contribute to society in multiple fields. That is why in Penteo we commit ourselves to collaborating with different entities and foundations that develop activities and initiatives that improve different social realities.
  • caritas

  • We collaborate with Caritas to promote, guide and coordinate social action in the diocese of Barcelona. We help promote the empowerment of people to defend their human rights in the three areas of integral development: basic needs, meaning of life and social participation.
  • provida

  • Federation for the defense of life from its conception to natural death. We help to offer an immediate, humane and welcoming response to pregnant women, or with minor children under their care, in situations of marginalization, poverty or difficulties.
  • raval

  • Family care and socio-educational support in the Raval district of Barcelona.
  • arjau2

  • Promotion of youth development through music. We help promote education and culture among younger generations. In addition, we collaborate to give scholarships so that young people can go to the school they want./div>


  • montblanc2

  • We help to promote human development with special emphasis on the protection of children and youth.