Cybersecurity remains a central priority for the CIO. Computer attacks on organizations, double-digit growth each year, are increasingly sophisticated and difficult to detect, and have diversified greatly (new techniques , The emergence of mobility as the main border of access to sensitive resources, new sources of information and possibilities to extract competitive value from it, new interests – some illegal – between organizations, new organized crime groups …).

In this context, the services of ethical hacking appear. This term refers to the analysis of vulnerabilities in information systems and technological infrastructures exposed on the internet, through controlled attack or intrusion techniques and through the use of various tools, in order to reveal vulnerabilities that could be exploitable by third parties with malicious intentions. These techniques theoretically reproduce the modus operandi of the potential attackers in order to faithfully simulate the situations of impact that could give rise to and put in place the most adequate and, above all, more up-to-date defense measures.

Who hires ethical hacking services?
Who lends them?
What modalities are there?
What are the main tools?

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